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Fir-kun [userpic]
Request Filled
by Fir-kun (fir_kun)
at May 18th, 2006 (10:06 am)

Title: Passion Fruit
Characters: Shinwa Shiroi and Ke Eleke
Words: 662
Rating: R
Summary: Shiroi finally gets past his emotional wall concerning Ke through by a serious angst session and some of his happy water sake. Sequel to nil_chan's story, ( Pretend )

He had a disease. He just knew he did. He cared deeply for Ke, loved him, but because of her, he was afraid. Shiroi, youngest genjutsu master of Tsukigakure, who only feared fire, was afraid of love.

Perhaps, Shiroi mused, he wasn’t afraid of love, but afraid of expressing it. If he was afraid of love, he’d be rather angry at the world, he supposed.

That still didn’t solve his problem. He wanted Ke like Muka had Ke. Ke thought he was just a homophobe, told him to close his eyes, pretend he was a girl. Yet when he had closed his eyes, he saw Ke, not a girl.

Frustrated, Shiroi threw the bottle he was draining across the clearing, hardly getting any satisfaction from the sound of shattering glass. Thinking about his problem didn’t help it at all, and he was bothered in more ways than one.

“So let’s review,” Shiroi said. He ticked off one finger. “I liked Izahi.” He ticked off another finger. “Izahi was a bitch and screwed me over.” He ticked off another finger. “Due to what Izahi did, I can’t love like I want to.” He looked down at his hand to see how many points he had ticked off. Seven fingers. Shiroi frowned, squinted, before deciding he didn’t care and downed the sake that was in his cup.

“I really think you’ve had enough.”

Now where had that voice come from? Shiroi examined the tree before looking down. The bane of his existence stood beneath his limb.

“Well,” Shiroi said. “I’m still in the tree, so I haven’t had enough.”

Two faces frowned up at him. He smiled. His skin itched. He’d been out in the tree since yesterday. The sun was a bitch on his skin. Shiroi frowned when he tried to remember why he had been out in the sun. Shiroi shrugged. He had probably been killing trees.

Something came flying at him. Being as inebriated as he was, all his ninja training went out the window. Shiroi managed to dodge the stick, but he lost his balance. Falling, Shiroi didn’t even feel his impact.

Sitting up, he almost knocked heads with Ke. Shiroi’s bleary eyes searched Ke’s. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but, reviewing his earlier conversation, he decided he really didn’t care. Just…fuck everything. Shiroi reached up, burying his fingers in soft, black hair, and proceeded to kiss Ke.

It wasn’t a simple peck or a quick kiss. It was deep and intimate and everything that Shiroi wanted it to be. He clung to Ke.

He broke the heated kiss, resting his forehead against Ke’s briefly before moving his attention to Ke’s neck, kissing his way to his collar bone. He nipped the sensitive skin of Ke’s neck and received a husky moan.

Shiroi slipped his hands beneath Ke’s shirt as he brought his mouth back up to meet his love’s. How he loved this little jounin! The albino gasped when he felt cold hands make their way under his shirt, then proceeded to moan into the kiss as the small hands traced the sensitive scars on his back.

He never quite knew how it happened, but one minute he and Ke were kissing and touching and the next the two ninja were shirtless, their wandering hands and kisses becoming desperate. Shiroi barely paused as he pushed his hands below Ke’s waistband, fingering his member.

The ghost smirked at the monotone’s gasp. Pants were hastily discarded. Shiroi shivered as his heated body met the cool night air. He kissed Ke again as he began to move his hand. He was hard.

Ke seemed to sense what Shiroi wanted through their haze of love and lust. Shiroi entered him and they danced, heated with passion. Hard, long strokes. Ke came in his hand shortly before Shiroi lost it.

They collapsed in the grass, spent. Shiroi drew his cloak over them both before cuddling Ke and drifting off to sleep.