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Fir-kun [userpic]
Creative writing final pt 2
by Fir-kun (fir_kun)
at June 7th, 2006 (10:02 am)

Title: Hackers
Uninvers: Token
Characters: Shinwas Muka and Shiroi with an appearance by Itazura.
Words: 1,113
Rating: PG-13
Summary: How the Shinwa boys managed to go from prestigious freelance hackers to working for UPF.

They had one rule. It was carved on every engraveable surface in the apartment. It was painted various ways on multiple walls in different colours. I was held in higher regards than the golden rule since it ensured you lived to execute it. This rule was simple: don’t get caught. It was what kept the two boys alive. It kept money in their bank accounts. Information was in demand and people were willing to pay, especially if the hacker was never found, a lucrative price.

The two boys’ apartment was Spartan at best. Two mattresses on box springs resided on opposite sides of one room with heavy black curtains over the dingy window preventing any sunlight from entering the room.

The kitchen was empty and full at the same time. A small fridge was where
a stove used to be next to a microwave on a stool. A low coffee table was the apparent dining table. The cupboards above the sink held a few bowls and plates, some cups and a mug or two. The cu[boards below the sink, like in any other home, held cleaning supplies. The other cupboards held every assorted food, fruit or questionable food item dried out, freeze dried or canned imaginable. The reasons for that, and the lack of comfort items, were housed in the other tow rooms.

Each room was filled with wires, electrical strips, plugs, monitors, CPU’s, printers, etc. Two hackers in one, small flat raised quite the electric bill. They had to be good in order to stay in business. It was rare that both of them had a hob at the same time, but not unheard of. The younger of the two Shinwas was better because he took his hacking seriously, saw it as his job. The older Shinwa saw the whole thing as a game.

The younger Shinwa, Shiroi, or The Ghost as he was known in the hacking community, was slightly above average height wise, but he only had his cousin to compare himself to. Shiroi was albino in every essence of the word. His skin was a sickly pale colour that contrasted vibrant, intelligent eyes the colour of blood. His seemingly white hair was really translucent. He rarely left the apartment so he wouldn’t have to deal with the sun.

Muka, his cousin, was the exact opposite. His skin was tanned from excessive exposure to the sun, or a tanning bed. Shiroi never knew because he slept during the day. Muka’s eyes were brown with a hint of purple. Neither knew how it was biologically possible, but it was. The elder Shinwa also had fluffy, spikey green hair. Neither knew how this was possible either. Shiroi just assumed he dyed his hair. They both had separated bathrooms. Where Shiroi’s trademark was a green shirt of some kind, Muka was practical never seen without a purple one. A quirk both had kept since their early childhood.

Even though Shiroi was almost two years younger than Muka, he was playing the role of parent this go around.

“I forbid you,” he harshly told Muka. “Decline the job.”

“But we haven’t had a job this big in a while,” Muka pleaded. “We could use the money.”

Shiroi, against his tired mind’s better judgment, actually considered Muka’s argument. It was almost time to pay the bills. Both money and food were low. He sighed. He hated giving into Muka. He was careless when he won.

“Fine,” Shiroi eventually sighed.


“Fine!” Shiroi all but shouted. “Just remember one thing.”
Muka sat all ears, every fiber focused on Shiroi.

“Don’t get caught,” Shiroi firmly told him as he headed off to bed. It was way too late to deal with Muka and his perky morning personality. He never knew Muka had accepted the job before bringing it to his attention.

Muka waited until he heard the door to the bedroom shut before he began his dive with a happy smile plastered on his face. His employer wanted him to hack into a place called UPF.
“Wonder what it stands for…” Muka muttered absently as his fingers flew across various keys boards. Password windows came and went as Muka bypassed them. He had to hide several times to avoid sharks and had had to decrypt several viruses. It was when his computer froze that Muka actually panicked, the smile disappearing from his countenance. The BeastII and Shiroi’s BeastieII never froze. The last time the computers froze their flat ended up engulfed in fore with them in the hospital from a back hack.

“Of all the moldy cheese!” Muka cursed. “Crackerjacks!”

There were footsteps on the stiars shortly followed by a stern knock.

“Crabapples,” Muka spat vehemently. He glared at The BeastII as if his situation was somehow its fault.

“Muka?” Shiroi said blearily as he stumbled out of the bedroom. “S’mthing up?”
Muka opened his mouth to try and convince Shiroi to go back to bed, when the door was kicked in. A black list of expletives let Muka know Shiroi was now wide awake. The tow of them coughed as smoke and sheetrock dust permeated the room. Heavy booted feet surrounded the tow hackers. When the dust finally cleared, Muka and Shiroi came face to face with several heavy duty guns. They were surrounded. Muka smiled helplessly as his cousin glared at him.

“Now, now, none of that,” a smooth, silky voice instructed, “I wouldn’t want to make a mess out of such beautiful creatures.”

Both Shinwa boys turned to see the leader of the apparent sting operation. He was somewhere in the neighborhood of Shiroi’s height, but there the similarities ended. He had tanned skin and tawny blond hair. He removed his dust mask to reveal dark, calculating eyes.

“So which one of you gorgeous things tried hacking into the system?” he asked.

“Me,” Muka said. He figured he would live longer if he talked.

The blond looked from one Shinwa to the other. His gaze, to Muka’s dismay, fell on a drowsy Shiroi.

“You heard of The Ghost?”

“Sure,” was his cousin’s sleepy reply.

“You know where to find him?”

“Yep,” Shiroi promptly responded. “Know who he is, too.”

“Who?” The tawny haired officer’s eyes were glittering.

“Me,” was all Shiroi said. He had a dopey smile on his face. Muka wondered whether or not Shiroi was actually awake.

“My boss is going to be ecstatic when I bring you two in,” he told the two Shinwas as they were herded out of their flat and into a van to be taken only God knew where.

That was how the infamous, world renowned hackers Shinwa Muka and Shinwa Shiroi came to work for UPF.