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Fir-kun [userpic]
Pressured Response
by Fir-kun (fir_kun)
at June 14th, 2006 (03:35 pm)

Title: My Goodbye
Characters: Shiroi, Merceles, and their new daughter.
Words: 504
Rating: PG
Summary: Stress, kids (new ones), and old flames being extinguished.
Nil's Notes: I'm sorry, but I think this is some of her best writing EVER. Really, I love emotional things, and WOW, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD IT IN YOU. (Oh, and this was written Friday.)

It was on Shiroi’s mind ever since it happened. It occupied his mind all through Merceles’ pregnancy. Ke’s kiss. Yes, it was passionate, loving, everything a kiss should be. But there was a hesitancy, as if Ke had been testing him, experimenting with something. That kiss was different than the ones of the past. He put it out of his mind when Mer’s water broke. After that is was pacing in the hospital. The 25-year-old has lost his own family young; he never went through the birth of a sibling or family member.

He was the stereotypical nervous father. He was so bad that he requested a computer and managed to connect to The BeastieII and do some hacking. It relaxed him. The doctors were relieved. They were afraid that they were going to have to sedate him. The albino hacked for hours. He, being a hacker, had no concept of time when he was diving. A nurse eventually came up to him and told him his wife was asking for him. With said nurse for a guide, Shiroi was led through the hospital.

The Shinwa decided he hated hospitals. They smelled too strongly of antiseptics and cleaning supplies, not to mention that if he wore white and closed his eyes, no one would be able to find him. An evil grin crossed the albino’s face. Perhaps he could convince Muka to play with him…


Shiroi’s focus returned to reality as the nurse indicated the door. Shinwa Merceles was on the name plate. Spiffy, Shiroi thought. Actually, scratch that. Shiroi became a nervous wreck all over again, but all the apprehension melted when his wife looked at him, a smile beaming on her tired face, cradling a bundle in her arms.

“Congratulations,” she said quietly. “You have a healthy anti-albino daughter.”

Shiroi smiled. “My family had a lot of albinos, so I was curious.”

The new father walked over and looked down on his daughter. She had dark hair and was studying him with serious baby eyes.

“They’re grey,” Shiroi said. Grey eyes. “So, what’s the name?” he asked.

“How about ‘Ame’?” Merceles asked.


It wasn’t until a few months later when Muka came to visit that Shiroi remembered the turmoil he had been in before Ame was born. Muka, being Muka, brought Ke with him. The two UPF members just looked at each other while Muka and Merceles fussed over Ame. He had never expected Muka to be a sucker for kids. At least they had a babysitter now.

Being as tense as he was, Shiroi’s attention shifted abruptly from his daughter to Ke when he moved. He motioned for Ke to follow him. They ended up in a room below the kitchen, a sort of basement that held a hacking computer. The two monosyllabic people just looked at each other before Shiroi gently took Ke’s face in his hand and gave the shorter man a soft, tender kiss.

“My goodbye to you,” was all Shiroi said before he left Ke.